Glossary of Terms

Below you will find a list of commonly used terms and their definition, as intended in my writing.


  • AnarchyGirl:  Me.
  • MonsterBiker:   My Husband.
  • Firstborn:   My oldest daughter, born 1986, married, living in Perth.
  • the Genius:   My son, born 1993, single, living in Perth.
  • the Chubble:  My youngest child, daughter, born 2006, living at home.
  • Grandma: MonsterBiker’s Mum.
  • PracticeHubby:  First husband, married in 1985, divorced in 2004.

None of the players in my life shall be named individually, to respect their privacy. I would ask that those readers who know me personally, when commenting publicly on my blog, please use these nicknames out of respect.


The language used in this blog will be predominantly English (AUS) which uses ‘s’ instead of ‘z’ in words like realise and specialise.  Words like neighbour and colour will always have a ‘u’.

LANGUAGE WARNING:  Whilst I possess a very wide vocabulary and am not afraid to use it, profanity could likely appear at any time.  As an author I take licence to express myself in any manner to which I feel motivated.  If you are offended by strong language, be aware you may need to put your under-react glasses on when reading.  Particularly if I feel the need to rant about religion, stupidity, people who hunt endangered species, shark nets, politics or pretty much anything else.

Words likely to appear at any time include:  Shit, Wanker, Asshole, Bastard, Fuck (all conjugations and variants possible), Cunt, Douchebag and various sundry combinations of the above, possibly combined with other words for descriptive precision, eg: douchemucous.  These words will be deemed actual words once I have published them.


Pictures on this site that are watermarked are original copyrighted photographs taken by AnarchyGirl.  All other images are open source.

This list will be edited and updated as necessary.


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